Friday, December 9, 2011

morphine is her new bff (and ours too!)

She slept 4 hours straight last night.  Which means that I slept for 4 hours straight last night. God is really good. (And so is the medical staff!) So far, no oxygen needed and no blood transfusion! She has color in her cheeks. The anesthesiologist used a "new" drug during surgery that they use in Europe - she says it might help the blood to clot better so there would be less blood loss during surgery.  Miller and Puccioni said they were pleasantly surprised about the lower amount of blood that she had lost, but wouldn't give credit to the medication.
Her left eye is swollen shut.  Her right eye follows the nurses and doctors with a glare - but it's just peeking out of the slit of her eyelid! Her archenemy is the stethoscope.  Out of all things...the thing that probably hurts the least makes her the most angry.  She sees it and her heart rate jumps to 200.  Every medical student and resident that has come in learns that quickly.  "Leave me the %$@* alone."  Sweet, sweet Adeline.
But her puppy Violet's lullabies calm her.

It is hard to see her when she is uncomfortable.  She moans and cries and tosses and turns.  We have taken turns holding her all morning.  This makes up for all of the times I have wanted to cuddle with her and she has better things to do.  I'm worth her time right now.

Morphine+Tylenol+Benadryl seem to be the cocktail that keeps her most comfortable.  She is sooo cute sitting up in daddy's lap with her big pink turban and swollen head.  Her chubby legs hanging out of her pink blankie - they are cute even with I.V. lines and coban that cover her feet and ankles. They just removed the arterial line and she loves to look at her hands and show me that it's gone. She keeps asking "What's this?" in her raspy voice.  She is acting a little goofy and loudly answering the PBS cartoon kids when they ask her questions through the T.V.  She's loving their positive reinforcement!

We should be able to move out of the PICU today - as long as a room becomes available.  I am looking forward to that - she would LOVE a wagon ride.
Grandma and Grandpa Matthes are on their way with Nile.  I can't wait to see what she does when she sees him.  I am also nervous about what he will have to say to the medical staff. They might transfer us out of here STAT once the two of them are together again.


  1. Thinking and praying for all of you today!

  2. Aaron looks worse than Adeline. Hopefully you get to move soon so you can have your own bathroom. :)