Tuesday, October 19, 2010

4 month Well Baby Visit

On October 8th, Aaron and I went to her 4 month well baby visit.  Dr. Rehan examined her whole baby body, but knew what we were really concerned about.  She measured her head again.  The circumference had increased a normal amount, but the shape had become long and narrow.  The back of her skull still had a protrusion, and it had become more prominent.  She knew it wasn't normal, but she still wasn't convinced that it was a condition called "Craniosynostosis".  And her big, chubby cheeks didn't help the situation!  Dr. Rehan kept squishing them back, trying to figure out if the narrowness of her skull was exaggerated by those cheeks!! She asked what we wanted to do about it.  Wait and see again, or go to the Craniofacial Clinic at the Children's Hospital in Omaha.  We both agreed that we wanted their opinion.  Dr. Rehan said she was glad, that she would rather us go down there and have them tell her she was concerned about nothing than to overlook anything.  She said, "they will tell me that I am wrong about the craniosyostosis, but you probably won't walk out of there without a helmet".
I waited for the clinic to call to set up an appointment, but became impatient.  I called the next week and set up an appointment with the helmet clinic.  The next Tuesday, Kris from the Crainiofacial clinic called me and said she had talked with Dr. Rehan and they both felt that Adeline needed to be seen at the Craniofacial clinic instead.  It is a group of doctors and specialists, including the helmet clinic.  She was scheduled for the next available appointment (the craniofacial clinic is available once a month, the fourth Tuesday of every month) at 2:30 on November 23.
It was a looong wait.  We examined her head daily, evaluated the 100's of pictures I took of her, and prayed and prayed and prayed that she would only need helmet therapy.  I kissed her head even more.