Saturday, December 10, 2011

getting her groove back

The day started pretty rough. Adeline spent all morning in daddy's lap, trying to get comfortable.  She would wiggle and struggle and cry her raspy cry, and then finally pass out for a little while with her face in her blankies.  We ended up giving her another dose of morphine at about 3 pm.  We just couldn't stand to see her so uncomfortable.

Grandma, Grandpa and Nile came again soon after.  Grandma snuggled with her for a little while, but then the pain and anxiety became too much for the morphine to handle.  We walked and walked and walked around the unit until our arms couldn't take it anymore.  Did I mention how heavy a 25 lb baby gets when they are retaining fluid and swollen from head to toe?

Around 5:30 Grandma was taking her turn and we stopped back at the room.  I was talking on the phone and grandma laughed, "I think her eye is open a little!"  I looked up and could almost see a small slit of her left eye.  She was probably rolling her eyes at me (but I'll never know) because I may have over-reacted a little with excitement!  I really didn't expect her to turn around so fast!  She soon threw her arms out at me and said, "MOM!"  I cried with excitement and scooped her up and over-kissed her cheeks again.

And then the fun was time to rediscover all the things that she had heard and touched and tasted in the past couple of days.  She went right back to Grandma and was looking for the necklace that Grandma usually wears. And then she whipped her head back and forth to see who was making all of the noise around her.  She jumped into Grandpa's arms, then back into Grandma's lap.  She gave kisses to everyone in sight and even said "Hi!" and "Bye" to the nurses as they came and went.  She practically dove from my arms into the bed to check out all of her stuffed animals and dolls.  She laid on her back in the middle of all of them and picked them up, one by one, introducing herself and getting to know them.

Erin, the cranio-mommy that we met a year ago, made our evening even better by stopping by with dinner.  The burgers were delicious, and the company was even better.  It was fun to share such a good night with someone that completely understands.

And then she wanted down...down to the floor.  She wanted to walk right out of the room.  But she still has I.V's in each foot, very very limited vision (and no peripheral vision) and a very large, very sore, very fragile head.

So we tried to tempt her with the some of the food that had been waiting for her all day.  She dug right into the mac and cheese.  And she drank some of her apple juice/pedialylte cocktail. I'm sure food tastes better when you can see it.

She was a very happy girl again. And so were we.  It was like we were reliving milestones.  It was a big deal.

She has spent most of the evening hanging out with dad, making up for lost time.  I not sure that this hospital room can handle all of this dancing.

 I think she's getting her groove back ;).

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