Sunday, December 11, 2011


Despite her appearance and anxiety, the Neurosurgery partner of Dr. Puccioni that stopped by this morning was happy with Adeline's progress. Dr. Miller said everything is looking good too. As expected, the anterior reconstruction caused more swelling in the face, and it is normal for the swelling to come and go. We have somehow convinced him that we have enough experience with this to know how to take care of her on our own. So he gave us a choice: we can stay another night for observation or we can go home and give him a call if we need anything. Her antibiotics are now oral and she has just been taking Lortab for pain today.  It didn't take me long to tell him that she wants outta here! Yaaay God!
The nurse came in soon after to give her meds. She was still sleeping -in Aaron's lap - but we woke her up.  I made the mistake of talking about going home in front of her and she practically jumped out of Aaron's lap onto the floor!  And then she remembered that she still had I.V.s in her feet. Major fun-crusher.

The nurse was amazing at doing her vitals and taking her I.V.s out. I wish she would have been here the whole time!   I brought Adeline into the playroom thinking she would like the feel of the soft floor on her newly freed feet, but I was very, very wrong!  She must have changed her mind about making a run for it when she realized she still couldn't see.

So now we're gonna see if she will eat a little something (she hasn't eaten since early last evening),  pack up, get her discharge instructions and head home sweet home.
Her eyes have opened just enough so that she is ready to be brave and explore.  I just heard Aaron from the hallway, "Wait, Adeline!  We've gotta hold hands!"  And I can hear her tell every one "BYE!!!"Good thing she is keeping us busy enough so that I don't have time to worry!  Another one of God's gifts of distraction.

I know it's not going to be easy, but I can't wait!

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  1. Such wonderful news!! I am so happy that she is recovering so well and so fast!! You and Aaron are being so strong and positive, I have your whole family in my thoughts and prayers!