Saturday, December 18, 2010

we're set

We're set. Adeline Cecilia will undergo Cranial Vault Remodeling at the Children's Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha, NE on Wednesday, December 29.  Wow.
I've spent the last few days on the phone setting up pre-op appointments and making arrangements for our stay in Omaha.
I think I'm ready.
There is nothing more amazing, beautiful, self-fulfilling (insert any positive adjective or feeling) than bringing a baby into the world.  And everyday with Adeline is a blessing.  Despite the possiblity of intercranial pressure and pain, her development seems to be right on track. Nile loves playing with her and "teaching" her what he thinks she needs to know by now - and she loves him. She's a super sweet, chubby, otherwise healthy bundle of joy. "Things" could be so much worse, I don't even allow myself to imagine. 
But there has been this overshadowing anxiety through it all.  The last four months have been full of what-ifs and waiting; waiting between her 2 month and 4 month well baby visit to see if the shape of her head improved, waiting to get an appointment set up at the Craniofacial Clinic and then waiting for the appointment at the Craniofacial Clinic (which are only scheduled 1 day each month), waiting for letters/scans/reports to be sent to the insurance company for approval, (a very short period of) waiting for the insurance company to approve the surgery, waiting for the scheduling coordinators to get the surgery date arranged. 
I can definitely handle waiting this next week and a half.  In fact, I'm grateful for it - it's a perfect amount of time.  We will definitely miss spending Christmas with the Laakes -we have decided not to travel to reduce the chance of Adeline catching a bug.  But we will enjoy being at our home for Christmas for the first time since starting a family.  (I'll have to text Santa directions to our house.) We are being forced to slow down and spend time together.  God has blessed me with a deeper feeling of gratitude than I have ever felt before.

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