Wednesday, December 15, 2010

waiting is the hardest part

I finally talked to Dr. Miller's schedule coordinator today.  Nothing is scheduled, but I feel confident that they are working on it.  I do understand that it's not something that is easily coordinated, but it seems like it's taking soooo long!  I tried not to get too annoyed as I was placed on hold, listening to all of the procedures that the plastic surgeons had available...they do offer a 'dreams list'..."For that guy that just can't get it right, you can select the things you'd like for him to consider when choosing a gift package." I did not realize all that a plastic surgery center has to offer. Made me feel a little self conscious, even over the phone.  Infant Cranial Vault Remodeling was not mentioned in the recording.  Guess that's not on many Christmas lists.
The scheduler promises to call when she can get something worked out - within a couple of days.

I decided to get a feel for how Nile was doing with the whole situation.  He hasn't shown many signs of being affected by it.  He is starved for attention at times, but that has been the case since Adeline was born. It seems he is constantly touching or kissing her head, but I guess I am too.  And there has been a few occasions (even many months ago) where he will randomly tell someone, "There's nothing wrong with her head.  It's just fine.  It will fix all by itself." So I vaguely told him that Adeline's doctors are going to fix her head.  He barely looked up from his Leapster and said, "I know, her head's an oval and it's sposed to be a circle."  And that was it.  Plain and simple.  I couldn't have explained it better myself.

This week has been better than last.  Adeline still has too many episodes of unexplainable fussiness, but she has found her giggle again.  She wants to eat more than "normal" when she doesn't feel well (where would she get that from?!?) and I've asked the surgeons and her pediatrician about feeding her too often, but they all have told me that it's okay.  They like it that she has extra "tank" (yes, they used the word tank), it means more blood volume and faster, easier recovery.  She has been eating bananas, pears, peas and carrots.  And she loves mum mum crackers.  She makes the funniest noises while she eats - she really gets into it.  She's been "crawling" backwards, and rolling all over the house.  She doesn't like to lie on her back with her head on the floor, and I think it's cause it's so pointy in the back.  It just doesn't look comfortable.  But she loves to bounce in her jumper.  And Pete the cat continues to be the most interesting creature in her world.  EVERYTHING stops when Pete is in view.  He's gonna be in trouble when she becomes mobile.

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