Saturday, December 4, 2010

And now we wait...

We have been calling the insurance company and the craniofacial clinic almost daily.  We initially thought that we were waiting for the insurance company to approve the surgery, but now we know that we are waiting for Dr. Miller's office to send the necessary paperwork, CT results, and a letter from him explaining medical necessity.  I am trying to be patient.

In the meantime we have been getting tons of prayers, love and support from family, friends and coworkers.
Our family and friends continue to call and send messages.  Just having someone to talk to and knowing so many are praying for us is priceless.  And the offers to help with taking care of Nile during the hospital stay and Adeline after she gets home help to lessen the stress.  We will try to make a plan when we get a surgery date.
My coworkers have been very patient with me (and my occasional breakdowns!), and that is just what I need right now. Many have offered to help expedite the insurance process. 
Aunt Mary has contacted Harkin and Culver's office for assistance in expediting the insurance process. We have received  requests for authorization from both offices.  She also just told me that she received a letter from Dave Loebsack that was labeled from "the Congress of the U.S."  Pretty cool, Aunt Mary!
It will be very beneficial after Dr. Miller submits his information.
Nile and Adeline's sitter, Joann (Jo Jo) has been very supportive and concerned during this entire journey.  She has admitted to spoiling Adeline a little more since the diagnosis.  And she is adamant about donating blood herself or having one of her family members donate for Adeline.  Dr. Puccioni advises against family members donating because Adeline's body is more likely to reject the blood or have an adverse reaction to it.  He assures us that an anonymous donation from the Red Cross is the best way to go.  But thanks, Joann. Your love for our children means the world to us.

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