Thursday, February 10, 2011

everything is all right.

Time has been flying.  It always seems to when life is going well.  Nothing exciting...just easy. 

The first week back to daycare went better than I expected.  Joann gave the kids a lecture about Adeline's "owie" and told them how important it was to basically stay away from her.  I think they were just scared of Adeline at first...and maybe that's okay.  Poor kids! Three year old Logan kept saying, "Someone's gotta bring that baby to the hospital!"  Joann would try to explain that she was already at the hospital and was now getting better, but he would just shake his head and his eyes would open wide, "JoJo, you GOTTA bring that baby to the hospital! She's got a BIG owie!"  I think she's pretty much old news now.  I wonder if any of the kids will even remember it.

She's pretty much back to a routine now.  She's still spoiled, but she is so happy! and curious!  She is really trying to crawl.  She rocks back and forth on her hands and knees and somehow gets where she wants to go.  Not exactly gracefully, but she gets there.  If she sees something, she goes for it - much more brave and intense than her brother ever was. When she gets to what she wants, she picks it up and studies it very seriously.  And then shoves it in her mouth.  Her favorite thing is a plastic tea party set.  It keeps her entertained forever!  Every piece is studied and tasted. So I love it too!
She is sitting up well on her own and doesn't seem to be scared of falling anymore. (I still am.)
She loves her Johnny Jumper.  The plates and screws in her head must but in there tight 'cause she sure has been testing them.  I had a hard time watching her jump so excitedly at first, but I just love seeing her so happy. She claps and screams and laughs! I think it'd give my grandma a nervous breakdown if she saw her.
She is sleeping better than she had in months.  I'm so glad that we got up with her in the middle of the night those last couple months before surgery.  She must have been miserable.  And she naps so much better too. Now she is content and just wants her sleep! Thank God!
She loves to clap...She claps when she hears music, when she's excited, or just feels like clapping. She loves to patty-cake with Nile, and he thinks it is so cool!  He's realizing that she is a little person. And he is so proud of her. After all, she's gotta be smart, she laughs at all of his jokes. I watched her in her crib the other day, clapping her hand to her bare foot, just laughing and laughing!
She is so loud! She says Dadadadadadada all of the time. I try to get her to say "Ma Ma" again, but she just looks and me and smiles and says "Dadadadadadada".  It's now a game. 
And nothing's better than a sweet, sloppy Adeline kiss.
Her 3rd tooth finally poked through tonight - on top.  She had been working on it for months.

I don't think Aaron (or I) will ever be able to hear the "pop" when we open a can of refrigerated dough, or a bag of pretzels, or a bottle of soda without thinking of the surgeons describing Adeline's head "pop" ("like a bag of chips") and her brain relax during surgery.  It's a little gross...and a little hard to accept.

The incision is becoming less noticeable. The scabs are almost entirely gone.  I catch myself just staring at it. I'm amazed at all that has just happened. Adeline's hair is lighter and thinner than I thought it was going to be, so it may be a while until the scar disappears under her hair.  And by that time I will probably be ready for it to vanish.  But now I want to see it.  I want to see that my strong baby girl has overcome more in her 8 short months of life than I may ever face in my lifetime. I am so proud of her...and she has no idea how amazing she is.  I just can't even explain the feeling I get when I watch someone wince at the sight of her scar - Adeline will smile at them until they smile back at her.  And then she jumps up and down, or claps her hands, and laughs to let them know that she is a happy, healthy girl.  Everything is all right.

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